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Designer desk

So you made it – found the right graphic designer and started cooperation. But how on earth can you tell, that the logo design which you’ve just received, is awesome? The worst idea is to judge it through your taste level. It’s not your new outfit to have such a criterion. Please, be a professional and get together – you need to have some solid arguments to give constructive feedback to your graphic designer.

So before you write emotional email, take deep breath and read these points. After that, you will be more objective and sounds like a pro. What is even more important, you will be able to talk with your designer about specific parts of project, its pros and cons. And this is the most important part during logo design process – to give your constructive opinion based on facts not feelings.



1.Your new logo design is strictly close to a brief

You can get as strong design as your brief is. This document is crucial in early stage of designing identity for your brand. It gives graphic designer complex idea of your branch, product, clients and needs. Of course – there are plenty situations which were successful without it, but face it – there are much more which weren’t. If logo is an effective response for your brief – it’s perfect situation! You should be proud not only of your designer, but also of you! Without your hard work on specification the design could’t be existed. You were a part of a team and you rock it. What is more you can be sure that logo is suitable for your true needs, which is essential.

Travel agency logo options

2. It’s highly readable

Even brilliant logo design needs to be legible. It is so significant, that I’m pretty confident that u know why there shouldn’t be any problems with reading your brand’s name. So if your new logo design is passing this part of examination – be glad and go to next point. If not – tell your designer that this part of design needs deep corrections.


Example of good readability of logo


3. After quick glance at logo you know its branch

People don’t have time to think deeply about your logo. Most buying decisions are being made impulsively. As a result it’s a great advantage to have clear message about a field of your business just through logo design. Even your  promotion work on the internet will be easier. So why doesn’t use it and be more straight forward and user friendly?


Easy recognizable profile of activity


4. You can transform your logo in every size and it is still looking great

This one is really significant. As your business will be growing, your promotion materials also. Your future logo will be duplicated on wide range of things – from tiny buttons to cars or even big posters, if u be successful enough of course;). So take a careful look on your logo – is it flexible enough to look awesome in small favicon, and in the same time, on billboard? If it has a potential for it – good for you, if not – there need to be some serious changes made:)

Example of good readability of logo in every size

5. You have plenty of color variations of your logotype

Not only size matters, but also wide range of color options of your logo design. You need to check if it looks great not only in colors but also in white and black option. It is the same situation as it was with size – your promotion materials will be various and it will be useful to have a multiple choice. Do you have it in your version of future logo of your brand?

Color variations of logo

6. It’s unique

Did you know that daily we are exposure to 5 000 brands? It is shocking how many logos we see per day… And how many of them we are noted? Only around 150. There is a great competition out here. In this situation – like it or not – it is not good to have a visual connection with other brand. So if your logo doesn’t have a clear message you’re in trouble. I know that it is almost impossible to be in those 12 lucky brands who can make an impression during your day, but at least you can try to be in 150 which were noticed:)

Example of unique logo


7. Your logo is memorable

This one is hard and close connected with uniqueness. As everybody knows – everything have been created already, but still you can make a great fist impression by your logo and stay in mind. Is your logo-to-be so polished that you can tell what is on it after day or two without seeing it? If so -lucky you, cause you are in minority.

Example of memorable logo design

Have you made an analyse of your future logo point by point? Great! Right now you are well prepared to give constructive feedback to your designer. You will talk about specific elements of design – showing problematic points and giving creative impulse to make a change. This type of feedback is essential and really helpful for your designer.  Cause there is nothing worst than a client who don’t know how to make comment on project beside telling I don’t like it:)

PS. Don’t forget to point out positive aspects of project. It will motivate your designer to work harder for you:)

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