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Łukasz Pohl

About the music - website of Polish composer

In detail

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The site is devoted to a composer who is difficult to pigeonhole. His music is dominated by minimalism. Working on the project, we tried to refer to the musical character presented in the composer’s work, as a most important direction.

The website was designed in a simple and clear way. The music of this creator is deeply spiritual, gentle and yet modest, which we have tried to introduce through the atmosphere of pictures and minimalism in graphic elements.

Selected photos used in background of the site have an aura of mysterious and understatement. In this way we wanted to give a specific character to the visual perception of the page, which corresponds to the compositions. The site also has a player that launches music atomically, so that we can immediately move to the music world of the composer.

Contact side in tablet view

Subtle animations give more energy for the whole project, which, by the use of minimalist elements, seems simple at first glance. This is just an impression, as each element has been carefully thought out and designed.

Tablet view of discography site