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Who are we?

Anything is possible, but not
everything looks good. We know it.

The one that’s awesome with colors

The one that keeps it simple

The third one

You want it in many different greens?
She is the one to call.
Florals, patterns, advanced color matching and making leopard-print look decent are only few of her skills.
She is also in possession of an extraordinary collection of home plants.

Dorota Popiel

Graphic Designer

If it were up to her we would live in a neat, clean, white space with just a dash of color here and there. Simple, well thought lines with no unnecessary flourishes – recipe that works every time. She also really, really likes to cycle.

Katarzyna Jadaluk

Graphic Designer

He is responsible for the photography and videos. That guy… Traveller. Photographer. Writer. Hiker. Hitchhiker. Guide. Oh, and actor (that one time in Iran). Google him.

Jakub Rybicki