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Design of business cards for italian shop

This is common knowledge that your business cards meters. And yet, in my opinion, business owners still don’t pay enough attention to their design. Usually it is third basic element during creation of a brand identity, but the one which is neglected. I would like to prove you that this element is crucial and show you the way how to get impressive business cards, to be proud of.

Business cards can make a big difference how you will be received after a meeting. You can be brilliant, witty and have best presentation ever, but when you finished and give poor, dull and unprofessional business card, you can’t seriously think that client is yours. What is more, you can imagine, how self confident you will be after great meeting when you will proudly give pro- looking business card for your future client. Is there something more important than looking professional and trustworthy in business? And this is the main aim of a business cards  (of course right after contact information), to boost your image or presentation and your brand.

As you can see the challenge to get brilliant business cards should be taken seriously. But how to start? Here are few steps which will make this process easy and track you down to a point where you will have pro-looking business cards in your hand.

Tips how to get influential business cards


1.Gather information

As usual in business – the most important step is to think. Nobody knows you and your business goals better than you. So think carefully what your business card should tell its receiver to made your business message even stronger.

You need to know:

  • What info is essential? This is small piece of paper – you don’t need to clutter it with every single information about your brand. In this case rule – less is more – suits perfectly. Your goal is to give MOST IMPORTANT contact information, so be picky.
  • What orientation and size of a business card you want? Classic cards are horizontal, but maybe your profession leaves you a little space for creativity? If so – think about vertical – maybe your logo design will be look better in this orientation?
  • Should I leave free space for notes? There is vast group of people who cares about business cards, and immediately after receiving, they are making notes to remember the person and context. Maybe you should think about them?
  • What kind of feeling receiver should get? This info will be helpful for your graphic designer and give him impression about whole atmosphere of project.
  • How creative your graphic designer can go with your business cards? Think deeply in which situation and to whom you will be giving your cards. Maybe your branch is not so serious like law and you can make something more unusual to be more memorable? This is point where you should collect some examples of  business cards for inspiration.

If you need more of inspiration – go to our business cards inspiration board on Pinterest, for sure you will get wide range of noteworthy examples!


2.Find a graphic designer and make your case

I hope this point is perfectly clear. It doesn’t mean – make it by yourself online or give it to somebody who is not a graphic designer. This is too much important to risk the result. And seriously Word is not a program for making this design;)


3.Find a print house which is suitable for a job

If you can make your business cards more creative by using letterpress, UV coating or cutouts you need to find place where you can actually get the best result for a reasonable price. Sometimes even finding a right kind of paper can be tricky. So you need also a place where you can ask for an advice, and unfortunately it is not so common among printing houses. But be patient – you will find right place for you for sure.

Business cards can make you or break you so it is a great idea to do whatever you can to feel proud of them. They should at least look professional and elegant. The best situation would be when they are memorable and coherent with your brand. So gather whole your expectations, needs and inspiration and write to your graphic designer to make it real:)

Here you have some our designs to inspire you a bit:

Design of business cards for italian shop
Design of business cards for photographer