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Morning coffe in front of laptop

You know this great felling – finally you have an idea for perfect business and step by step you’re carry it out. Your’re proud and full of energy but in some stage you’re realizing that your brand needs some visual materials for promotion and creating strong message which is cohere with brand philosophy. From my experience, it can be really tricky to overcome it, especially with great results. But you should’n be overwhelmed, even if you don’t know literally anything about graphic design. With a little help from professional, this stage can develop your business ad make you even more excited about your idea than you were before.

However, firstly you need to sit down and carefully think about your business idea, plans and demands which are connected with your business. If you don’t have a substantial budget you need to be strategic and know exactly what you need. My friend, who has started business few months ago, was in such a hard situation. Process of manufacturing his product was so expensive that there was a little left for graphic design and promotion. He just sat down and ask himself really important question:


Which visual materials are essential for my marketing plan and without them I can’t launch my product?


It will help u a lot and make everything easier. Knowing what you need for now, e.g. – only a logo, cover photo for Facebook and business cards, will give you a relief and put you back in productive mode. My friend made a list and then thought about the profile of his clients to be and their needs. It was a great way to learn what materials’ atmosphere should have been created. It also can be useful to start to google and pin some inspiration in this stage. After that  you can start looking for a pro for help, cause your needs are clear and you know what you want.

There are a lot of places and ways how to find right graphic designer, but for minor funds the easiest way is to ask friends for some pro. I believe that I don’t need to explain why is better to pay for it than take a beginner who will make a project for his portfolio. So, when you have few contacts write an email, which should be clear and direct. Your message needs to be as detailed as you can.

What to write in first email to graphic designer


1.Information about you, your business profile, and who is your strongest competition

Try to write in short words who are you, and what is a core of your business. Make sure that whole concept of your product, and business philosophy is clear and easy to get. Name also your competition, to show their visual language.


2. Description of your future visual materials and files you would like to received

Make a list of final products of your collaboration with graphic designer. Each point should be expanded to description of exact text, format and expectations. So when you want business cards – try to specify what information should be on each side, for whom you will be given it and what feelings should be awake in receiver. Also don’t forget to decide about the dimensions! Be as detailed as you only cant – it will help with reducing number of emails:)


3. Send some visual inspiration

If you gathered some visual inspiration – you should put it there as well. There is one but – don’t write “I want the same”. This materials should be an inspiration not an invitation for a plagiarism. Try to write what is in that inspiration, which drove your attention. It can be color, atmosphere of project or just used font. This part will help designer to get your visual style.


4. Ask about timetable of graphic designer, give him a date which shouldn’t be crossed and request for valuation of costs

You need to give your future graphic designer deadline, just to get to know if he has enough free time to make all the work. It also determines the budget – last minute task will cost much more than distant deadline. This point is also your starting spot for money negotiation. You can choose if you would like to ask directly if the project can be covered by your budget or just wait for a number delivered in response. It’s up to you and your personal style in negotiations! From my point of view, it’s easier to get budget from client. Maybe it is not so popular, but sometimes if the project is interesting enough I can go down with my wage. It just needs to have some interesting twist which can make me think I would be a part of a team rather than get vast amount of money from another but dull project. So be honest and patient – somewhere there is a graphic designer who is a pro and will accept your budget:)

In your beginnings the most important is to understand your needs and be precise in articulating them. If you be specific you will find your graphic designer quicker and the final result will be as awesome as you expect. It is so much pleasure to have a client who knows what he wants and can tell it with examples! So don’t wait any longer and start your analysis right now!

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