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Packshot od products from Freshness line

Exclusive line of natural cosmetics

Exclusive line of natural cosmetics

In detail

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Organic Spa by Eclair is a line of natural cosmetics which are perfect even for the most demanding woman. The pacage design highlights the most important feature – exclusiveness of product.

We designed series of labels for exclusive, natural cosmetics produced by Eclair. Project consists of four different perfume lines: Sunshine with gold particles, Freshness, Grapefruit and Red Grape.  The client was sure that all labels should be easy to recognize and in the same time differ from each other because of the perfume line. What is more, design ought to be elegant, minimal and exclusive.

Moodborad for labels of exclusive line of natural cosmetics

We decided to take as inspiration oriental arabesque and created unique pattern for each perfume line. Moreover, we gave each one different color, which was resemblance to the perfume. As a result, products are noticeable and coherent between lines. After some time, the Sunlight line was expanded of one more product: Golden Oil. Because it is outstanding pice, it got geometric, but different style of label than others, from that line.

Patterns and colours used in design of labels
Packshot od products from Rade
Lip balms from Sunlight line
Photos from pop-up store
Photos from pop-up store
Packshot od products from Sunlight line