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ID cards for people envolve in Festiwal Sladami Marzen

Identity system for a traveler’s festival

Identity system for a traveler's festival

In detail

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Festival “Śladami Marzen” has one simple goal -to inspire and give energy for action. That is the essence of the whole project. It is a festival about travels and travelers, where everyone can find something for themselves.

“Śladami Marzen” is a festival taking place in Poznan, accompanied by one of the biggest tourism fair in Poland – the Fair of Regions and Tourism Products – Tour Salon. This is dream of few people who dare to organized such a big event yearly. They are attached to the whole concept strongly, so that all interference in the existing brand was taking place slowly and in stages. The organizers were closely associated with the previous logo, so it was important to approach the rebranding carefully. We have decided together that the motif of the footprint is strongly recognizable as the sign of the event, so it needs to be included in new logo. First and foremost, we wanted to create a coherent identification that would be immediately recognizable on small promotional materials. We believed that we achieved this.

Logo-related shapes have become a motif which compliments all identification. Combined with vivid colors, they are a continuation of casual character of the whole event. The most important thing for us was to give the brand a warm and pleasant feeling that we may come across when thinking about travel or about the diversity of the world.

In order to not rank the used images when creating individual promotion elements, we decided to unify them with the same filter, which was reduced to monochromatic colors. Identity has strong colors, the other elements are only an addition.

Promotion materials for Festival Sladami Marzen
Material bag with logo of Festival Sladami Marzen

Whole project stil requires a lot of work involved in the development due to the fact that the festival is gaining a wider audience and consequently the amount ofpeople who are attending is increasing. Below is a comparison of the previous logo to our project.

Old vs new logo