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In detail

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Many of our clients are asking us to create an identity for their brand or to rebrand an existing identification. The last year was full of such orders. Some of the effects are presented below.

A very interesting challenge was to create a logo for Piotr Horzela, a traveler who professionally tells stories about the surrounding world. The logo was supposed to refer to the field of his work in metaphorical and unconventional way. We used a cartoon speech bumper theme to express the character of his profession. Changing the shape of the letters to the imitation of the handwriting-writing added individualism. The second proposal, which is presented is the one which was rejected by client due to luck direct connection to storytelling. This one based on a colon, which was used in name and also in complementary graphic elements.

Graphic Chosen graphic identity for Piotr Horzelaidentity for Piotr Horzela
Propopsal of graphic identity for Piotr Horzela

Along with the design of the online store with women’s clothing for the Balladine multilbrrand, we received a project for a rebranding. This is a long-standing brand, so the attachment to the previous logo was very high.

The presented proposal is a variant not chosen by the client due to too much difference between the previous version of the logo. However, according to our feeling, the proposal was a very promising direction of identification, hence its presentation. We have acquired the feminine character of the brand with individuality and great potential for use in promotional materials. The monogram is a direct result of logotype, which can easily be used for an attractive pattern.

Showcase of logotype for multibrand store Balladine

Festival “Śladami Marzen” has one simple goal -to inspire and give energy for action. That is the essence of the whole project. It is a festival about travels and travelers, where everyone can find something for themselves.

“Śladami Marzen” is a festival taking place in Poznan, accompanied by one of the biggest tourism fair in Poland – the Fair of Regions and Tourism Products – Tour Salon. This is dream of few people who dare to organized such a big event yearly. They are attached to the whole concept strongly, so that all interference in the existing brand was taking place slowly and in stages. The organizers were closely associated with the previous logo, so it was important to approach the rebranding carefully. We have decided together that the motif of the footprint is strongly recognizable as the sign of the event, so it needs to be included in new logo. First and foremost, we wanted to create a coherent identification that would be immediately recognizable on small promotional materials. We believed that we achieved this.

Identity system for a traveler's festival called Śladami Marzeń
Identity system for a traveler's festival called Śladami Marzeń

The design task was to create a visual identity of the brand from scratch. The expectations were simple – it was supposed to be elegant and unconventional, which was fulfilled by the monochromatic character of the project.

“Minimalist and sleek as possible”  we heard from client. Out of three proposals the one which was the most simple was chosen. It resulted in high level of readability and scalability of logotype. Thanks to the simplicity of the logo, it was possible to add a very strong complementary element to the identification – the pattern. It adds freshness and energy to the entire brand. Second option was more decorative and traditional, when goes to shop logotypes. But despite of clear massage about the brand’s filed of activity it was too decorative for a client.

Identity system for market with italian food
Proposal of identity system for market with italian food
Proposal of identity system for market with italian food


Identity system for lewellery collection
Proposal of identity system for travel agency
Identity system for jewellery brand
Other logo projects