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Gold and silver retouched wedding rings

Arenart Forever

Jewelry retouching

In detail

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Constant co-operation with ARENART Forever has contributed to the development of our retouching and managing skills. For more than 3 years we have been taking care of the visual development of the brand and constantly improving the quality of promotional materials.

Cooperating with such a large customer is a very demanding task, which we have been realizing continuously for over 3 years. We work together to create all of the visual material used by the brand. We create not only printing materials, but also cover all of graphic design projects for web (including newsletters and the online shop, which is currently being implemented). What is more we have been responsible for exhibition stands on jewelery trades. Brand keeps developing and we are evolving with it.

Three diamond rings
Gold and silver retouched necklaces

The hardest challenge in this collaboration is retouching of jewelry, which is not only time consuming process but also requires detailed knowledge and skills for this industry. After retouching of specific models or images, they are used by us in promotional materials. They therefore require both print and web preparation. This means that it requires a great deal of care from us when it comes to color choices, so that the prints colors of jewelry are as close as it is possible to the materials on the web. Few examples of jewelry before and after retouching are below.

Gold retouched bracele

Every piece of jewelry tells a story

Gem Hunt